People In The Field

People from all walks of life have volunteered with MONA and assisted us with everything from planning events to providing much needed services.


Member Profile

Maxine Brown, Lawrenceville, Georgia.

I retired from the North Brooklyn Health Network in December 2010.  My nursing career of 45 years encompassed various aspects of care and management.  Currently, I volunteer two days a week at a hospice facility in Georgia.   My past experiences and positions started in England.  Following an integral training program, I worked as a staff nurse then pursued certification as a nurse midwife.  I immigrated to the United States in 1978 and continued my nursing career with positions ranging from staff nurse to assistant head nurse, clinician, assistant director of nursing and associate director of nursing.  During my last position I covered maternal child health, and for a short period preoperative services.

I was first introduced to MONA by Aileen Bobb, a colleague and friend.  Her hard work, dedication and commitment to the organization inspired me.  I became a member because of the organization’s humanitarian efforts.  I am passionate about MONA.  The vision and mission of the organization is dear to my heart.  I admire the dedication, and enthusiasm of the members to provide a better standard of life for those in need.  MONA is a volunteer run nonprofit organization that provides relief to individuals through out the rural areas of Guyana.  MONA serves people who are unemployed, underserved and vulnerable.  The organization helps children and families with assistance, provides health care, and supports the education of the nation’s youth.  I will continue to provide assistance in any way that I can.


The following is a small sampling of our members and volunteers.


When you see such a need, how can you not get involved? I give of my money and time and I consider both, well spent.

- Gloria, Accountant


Having left Guyana as a child, it was good to go back and see the country from an adult perspective.  The need there is so great.  The hugs from the people whose lives you affected made the trip worthwhile.

Marcia, Attorney


While in Guyana I learned many things, the most important of those things was how grateful people that are less fortunate can be.  Going to Guyana was the most rewarding experience I have had in my life.  Most 15-year-old boys don’t usually go to less fortunate countries and do humanitarian work.  But if more kids go and experience what I experienced the world would be a better place.  I gave out school supplies and bags of food, some things I would have never seen myself doing.  But after the joy I got in doing those things for the first time, I can do them many times more.

- Deion, High School Student


I have traveled to Guyana and witnessed the need there.  I have also seen how MONA members and volunteers work hard to supply a little of that need.  Anyone interested in Guyana should consider donating.

- Colin, Colonel US Army


I am not from Guyana.  But I believe in MONA’s mission and help support the organization financially through payment of membership dues and attending events whenever my schedule allows.  My six year old daughter was even a model in the MONA tea party fashion show.  I love that they have family friendly events in the New York area.

- Vanessa, Psychiatrist