Answered Prayers For Guyanese Boy And Mom

The new year of January 2003 brought answered prayers for Sharon Williams when she accompanied her nine-year-old son Fabian on a journey from Linden, Guyana to New York City to receive a life-changing surgical procedure.  The surgical procedure would have been unavailable to him in his own country.  Fabian was born with a condition known as talipes, a severe deformity in his feet, which made walking the two miles to and from school extremely difficult.  Fabian was exuberant upon his arrival at JFK and unafraid of the surgery, anticipating that the procedure would give him an opportunity for a better life.


This was all made possible thanks to the resolve and compassion of a group called MONA (Maclin Overseas Nurses Alliance) comprised of 21 friends who had all originally trained in Linden Hospital in Guyana.  The Group’s members now reside here in the States.  They had made a point of revisiting their hometown annually, and were shocked by the deplorable conditions evident in the hospitals and the scarcity experienced by the people.  This prompted MONA members to roll up their sleeves and vow to help.  

A letter written by Sharon Williams pleading for help for her son made its way to the group.  For years, she had explored every avenue possible to alleviate Fabian’s suffering, but to no avail.  Dr. Claude Scott, an orthopedic surgeon in N.Y., volunteered to perform the surgery with his team if Fabian could be brought to the states.  MONA member Linda London became the instrumental figure in launching a canvassing effort for contributions.  Thanks to her efforts and the generosity of North American Airlines in providing free airfare for Fabian and substantially discounting his mother’s airfare, MONA was able to bring Fabian to New York.

With continued donor, physician, and corporate support MONA hopes to answer the prayers of additional families in Guyana.  We thank all who helped Fabian and continue to support our work.