MONA Mission Trip To Guyana In April 2009

In April 2009, ten MONA members returned to Guyana to continue the work we began in 2002.  Prior to traveling to Guyana, we packed and shipped barrels and crates of items for distribution.  On the ground in Guyana, we distributed care packages consisting of food, clothing and personal hygiene items to 50 households.  We also distributed commodes, walkers and a wheelchair to the elderly.  We again visited the Dorfolk Home senior center in Linden and provided the seniors with arts and crafts supplies and much needed adult diapers.

MONA’s work did not stop at distribution.  In keeping with MONA’s commitment to improving health care in Guyana, members made a special trip to Linden hospital.  There, members who were nurses participated in a health fair with Linden hospital staff where they helped screen many people for diabetes and high blood pressure.  They distributed diabetic testing supplies to the nursing school and to citizens in the community.  Additionally, MONA provided gifts of infant blankets, undershirts, pampers and feeding bottles to patients in the maternity unit at the hospital.

At MONA, we are very grateful for the financial donations and the donations of medical supplies, food and clothing that enable us to help so many.  The looks on the faces of the people and the heartfelt words of appreciation we receive, inspires us.  With donor support, we plan to continue our trips to Guyana and expand the number of people we are able to help.


Dorfolk Senior Center

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Linden Hospital Health Fair

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