MONA Mission Trip To Guyana In August 2012

In August 2012, MONA members and volunteers made our third trip to Guyana.  On this trip, we focused on reaching out to impoverished areas of Linden and the community of Sophia in Georgetown.

During the period of our visit, Linden was in the midst of a civil unrest.  However, we were unwavering in our commitment to get supplies to the people who were choked off from access to basic services and were in desperate need of the food items we planned to deliver.

With determination and help from regional political officers in Linden, we were able to drive around blockades to get much needed food supplies to the people in the community.  We again went door to door in the poorest neighborhoods and distributed carefully packaged food and personal hygiene items.  We were greeted with heartfelt hugs and smiles of appreciation.  It made the difficulties we endured to deliver the items and to get in and out of Linden worthwhile.

In addition to our work in Linden, MONA teamed up with Guyana charity Monique’s Helping Hands to help the children in the community of Sophia in Georgetown.  We bought and distributed uniforms, backpacks and supplies to thirty students from the most depressed schools in the community.  We also purchased and served a hot lunch for 150 children in a local community center.  

Additionally, we identified families who suffered from diabetes and distributed glucose testing supplies to assist them with monitoring their insulin levels.  We wrapped up our trip with a visit to the public hospital in Georgetown where we met a young woman who is a survivor of severe domestic violence.  MONA president, Aileen Bobb, was able to offer her words of encouragement and we  presented her with gifts of personal items.

At MONA we are committed to our goals of helping children and families, supporting education and supporting the delivery of healthcare services.  During this trip and previous trips to Guyana, we were able to make impacts in all three areas.  We ask for your support so that we can continue our work.


Feeding The Children

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