MONA Mission Trip To Guyana In April 2002

Guyana, South America, is a country rich with natural resources. Its flora and fauna, gold and diamonds speak to the wealth of the land. Yet, the abject poverty of many of its inhabitants speaks to a country that is fraught with economic disparities. As the rich prosper due to the countries natural wealth, the poor continue to get poorer due to the injustices that are prevalent.

 In response to the vital needs of Guyanese residents, an 11 member team travelled to Guyana in April 2002 to bring hope and encouragement to the citizens of the Linden/ Wismar community.
The visit started with a tour of the hospital complex- a place where some members of the team received their foundation as nurses. Gifts of clothing and other supplies were distributed to all mothers and their newborn infants in the maternity wing of the hospital. Along with the hospital nursing staff, we participated in a community health fair where residents of the Linden Community were screened for diabetes and hypertension and were provided with educational materials and supplies for further glucose monitoring at home.  Durable medical equipment and supplies such as wheelchairs, walkers, and bedside commodes, bathroom fixtures for the physically challenged and adult diapers were distributed to the citizens of the community.

During the first week of our trip, we toured the areas in order to map out our route for food distribution. We focused on the areas of most need including households with children.  Our greatest sense of victory came when we distributed non- perishable food items and were able to look into the faces of the people we were helping. To see their smiles and the gratitude they displayed toward God and us was more than rewarding. It was truly an unforgettable experience. Our trip concluded with a visit to the Dorfolk senior center where we distributed arts and crafts supplies and articles of clothing. We were entertained by the seniors who recited poems for us. We prayed together, sang songs of praise and worship to God for giving us the opportunity to share not only our time but our resources with those in need.

We were indeed humbled by the experiences we encountered on this journey. We can no longer take for granted the privilege we have been afforded in this country, particularly in light of the poverty we encountered throughout our visit. Our journey to Guyana was more than a trip. It was a mission of mercy that has yielded both material and spiritual gains as we reached out our hearts and hands to our brothers and sisters in need.