Help Children & Families

MONA is committed to making a positive contribution to the lives of children and families in Guyana.  MONA members have traveled to Guyana as a group on three separate occasions as part of our efforts to get supplies to the people in the country who need them most.  MONA purchased and received donations of food, personal hygiene items, clothing and shoes to benefit needy Guyanese communities.  MONA members and volunteers traveled to Guyana, sorted the shipped items, and delivered care packages to citizens in Guyana.  MONA members also volunteered with seniors and provided arts and craft supplies to senior centers. During the 2012 Guyana trip, MONA, in conjunction with Guyanese charity Monique’s Helping Hands, provided a hot meal for over 150 Guyanese children and offered comfort to a brutalized young woman who was a victim of domestic violence.


Feeding The Children

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