Get Involved

It takes donations and the hard work of volunteers to keep MONA going.  If you can’t travel to Guyana with us, maybe you can help pack barrels for shipping.  Perhaps you have great fundraising or event planning skills.  We also need health professionals to partner with us to provide workshops and health fairs.  Whatever your gifts, we can use them.  We particularly welcome the involvement of young people.  If you are looking for a community outreach or charity project for your child or teen, consider joining MONA.  Additionally, MONA is actively seeking corporate partners to help us achieve our goals.  In the past we have received donations from various organizations such as Marriott and the NY Health and Hospital Corp, in addition to donations of supplies, money and time from physicians and business people.  Since MONA is a volunteer only organization, your money will go to the people in need, not to pay salaries.  Please consider donating or partnering with us today.  Your donation is 100% tax deductible and will support MONA’s ongoing work.